Digital India is Beyond being cash and paperless – A building block for a developed India

May 23, 2017 By Jagadeesan TS

It is of little doubt that transparency in public spending will auger well with social welfare and contribute to a sustainable social infrastructure growth. For many years India continued to be plagued with the menace of a closed room approach taken by different governments on public funding and expenditure. In – Fact despite the enormous growth on our nation’s technology skills and software industry we as a nation continued to be one of the lowest adopters of technology. We have

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MSME in India & its Challenges

May 22, 2017 By Brahmanand Hegde

MSME sector has been the backbone of any nation. For any nation to become a financial superpower, its citizens should become self-reliant and financially independent. The growth of MSME and its contribution to the nation’s GDP and employment generation is a great indicator of move towards financial prosperity of its citizens.

MSME in India has been a significant contributor to India’s GDP. As per Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium enterprises (MSME), India currently has mo

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