About IIEF

Inclusive India Economic Forum (IIEF) is an initiative to bring together key participants in Financial Services Sector and align them with Government of India’s financial inclusion agenda. IIEF is first of its kind in Kerala and is set to attract over 250 guests (on invite only) consisting of key personalities in areas of politics and business.
Some of the Key themes that will be discussed include:

• Reforming Indian Agriculture sector - Vision, Plan and Results
• The New India – Transformation beyond GDP and Numbers
• Digital and Cashless Economy - Impact on common man's daily life
• Startup India / Making Ker next big investment destination
• Small Finance Banks of India – Relevance and Role expected in India’s Financial Inclusion
• Demonetization
• India's Road to Progress – How road development is helping India's economic development

  • In addition to the panel discussions, IIEF will be recognizing and awarding organizations for their outstanding efforts in facilitating a cashless economy, easing the effects of demonetization and transforming the digital landscape of India in sectors such as Retail, Banking, NBFC, Micro-Finance, Small Finance Banks and Fintech.